Euro NCAP presents latest testing protocols for 2020

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) updates its test protocols every two years to best evaluate the toughness and safety standards of a vehicle under test. This year new tests are introduced to assess crash safety and active safety technology.

The Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier will be replacing the offset-deformable barrier test used by Euro NCAP for the last 23 years. Now there will be two moving elements while testing a head on collision and impact to both the car and the barrier will be measured. This test will evaluate how the car’s front-end structures behave and contribute to injuries in a collision, assessing the overall protection of the occupants while also keeping a check on impact of larger vehicles with smaller vehicles. A new mid-sized male crash dummy, named THOR, will help with the testing and evaluations with better representations to a human body and sensitive data recordings.

To adequately test new offerings such as ‘centre airbags’, Euro NCAP will for the first time evaluate far-side impact protection, focussing on driver protection and the potential interaction between driver and front seat passenger. Also, since side impacts account for a very high number of deaths or serious injuries, the near-side impact barrier test will see increased severity.

Euro NCAP has made some updates to testing of crash prevention and driver assistance systems in its new Safety Assist assessment. AEB (Automatic emergency braking) technology for cars will be better tested with ‘back over situations’ and ‘turning at a crossing’ to prevent accidents at junctions and crossings. As a first, ‘Driver status monitoring systems’ will also be tested to detect driver fatigue and distraction during the course of evaluations.

New rules have been developed regarding the post-crash safety as it too plays a vital role in crash or collision survival. To promote better post-crash safety, manufacturers will be prompted to provide accurate rescue information in times of distress leading to extraction and emergency services.

Euro NCAP states that the one thing that remains same is only the vehicles that perform excellently in crash protection, post-crash and crash avoidance - and the ones that car buyers should look out for - will achieve the top “five star” rating.