MG Motor India to sell certified pre-owned cars through ‘MG Reassure’

Gurugram: MG Motor India has launched its own pre-owned cars vertical in India to provide quick and easy transactions to new as well as existing MG customers. MG Reassure aims to strengthen MG customer’s trust and ownership experience across its dealerships, with a selection of certified pre-loved cars.

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motor India said, “Through MG Reassure program, we want to create a platform extending Transparency, Speed, Peace of Mind, and Assurance of the Best Resale Value of MG cars to our customers across India. The initiative will enhance customer retention and empower our patrons to stay within the MG Family while enjoying flexible ownership.”

MG will undertake a methodical evaluation for the pricing of the used vehicles, where the used vehicles will be assessed on more than 160 quality checks before being added to the Reassure fleet. To ensure standards and up to mark excellence, MG will conduct all the necessary repairs and servicing required by each car on its end, before listing them for resale.

MG owners will be able to sell their cars without any obligation for cash or for compensation in exchange of a brand-new MG vehicle.

Customers purchasing MG vehicles from the Reassurance dealerships will get quality pre-loved cars to choose from, which would have undergone rigorous quality checks in all areas. MG will also provide the customers with a 3 years and unlimited Kms warranty, 3 years roadside assistance and 3 free services, ensuring MG Reassurance as the best value proposition and the preferred platform for pre-owned MG cars in India.

As part of its MG Shield service, the company already has a buyback plan in place. The used-car vertical will work towards further helping MG set up its market and dealer networks in the country. Also, in the present scenario, the platform is expected to perform quite well owing to a segment of customers looking to invest in used cars rather than new. MG has chosen an apt time to set up the used-car vertical, to sell refurbished cars at discounted rates, in an even more apt market, highly influenced by prices.

The company claims that MG vehicles maintain one of the best resale values within the industry. With the inception of the company-owned resale platform, MG is expecting to further nurture the trust and confidence that the customers behold with the company and the quality of the product and its driving experience.